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In most African countries in the last two years diesel prices increased  sharply thus significantly reducing the profitability of  farms and other agricultural activities with important  specific energy demands.


Significant price reductions in the components of solar systems in the past 3 years have made them an affordable as well as sustainable solution with better returns on investment than most diesel powered generators or even in some cases the utility grid.


On the basis of its 6 years experience with solar irrigated systems  WATTKRAFT has developed several unique control units and devices which can be used as building blocks for large  solar energy powered plants, interfacing with already existing irrigations systems.


This allows to concentrate investment mainly on the energy supply part, avoiding  capital expenditures in the refurbishing of components which have not yet reached their end of life cycle.



WATTKRAFT offers world-class solar pumps and complete solar irrigation solutions, technically and economically balanced to reach an optimized cost-benefit-reliability ratio. 


Solar pump solutions are available for both surface water and deep wells enabling cost effective irrigation and transport of water with clean energy. 


This approach has important economic advantages, particularly in sunny regions with underdeveloped power grids and/or high diesel costs, as well as those countries where the systems are partially subsidised or have some kind of  tax benefits.


Additional advantages include the reduction of harmful pollutants reverting in a more positive corporate and personal image, which in turn has an impact on the market value of products and services given.


All WATTKRAFT solutions can be provided either as full solar or hybrid solutions with diesel and/or grid support.

As the largest independent solar irrigation integrator WATTKRAFT offers a worldwide service.


Full support can be given in fluent German, English, Spanish, Arabic, Italian and French languages. Two new offices in the MENA - Region and South Africa are already planned.


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