Irrisun Solar Submersible Pump Series 

WATTKRAFT offers a full range of world class  solar surface and submersible pumping systems based on full solar or solar-hybrid energy supply.

High operating reliability and long service life


■ Very robust design with a minimum wall thickness of 1 mm stainless steel sheet and 6-point welded vanes

■ Special upper pump bearing as a standard

■ Generously dimensioned intermediate bearing prevents shaft displacement and enables optimum lubrication


Low operating costs

■ Consistently high efficiencies by optimised

hydraulic design

■ Low-loss non-return valve


High energy efficiency

■ Meets the European requirements for energy-efficient operation of water pumps


Trouble-free long-term operation

■ Made completely of high-grade stainless steel


■ Smart MPPT(Maximum Power Point Tracking)

■ dry running protection  over-current protection, input over/under voltage protection, overload protection, module overtemperature protection, grounding protection,reverse protection, speed protection.

Inverter allows using grid or diesel generator as backup power supply, 24-hour running.

■ Enclosure class IP65











Irrisun Solar Submersible Pump Series 100

Technical Data          50Hz               60Hz

Max. flow rate          15 m³/h          18m³/h

Max. head                 300 m             350m

Max. speed               2900 rpm       3500 rpm

Max. Power               7,5 kW            7,5 kW

Technical Data          50Hz               60Hz

Max. flow rate          79 m³/h           93m³/h

Max. head                 570m               730m

Max. speed               2900 rpm       3500 rpm

Max. Power               37 kW            44 kW

Irrisun Solar Submersible Pump Series 100

Irrisun Solar Submersible Pump Series 150

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